Inclusion Ambassador Training

What is the Inclusion Ambassador Training?

The Inclusion Ambassador Training provides an introduction to best practices in inclusive recreation.

The 3-hour, six-unit training is available for free to all Certified Inclusivity Assessors (CIA) and a CIA can register as many people as they want in the training.

The training uses animated cartoons, games, social media, assignments, and other fun activities to increase awareness of best practices in inclusion in parks and recreation settings.

In the Inclusion Ambassador Training, participants receive badges for completing activities and lessons. We encourage participants to proudly display these badges on social media sites!

At the end of the 3-hour online training, participants receive a certificate of completion and become a Certified Inclusion Ambassador.

The training is fun, interactive, and educational. Participants learn how to include people of all abilities in recreation, parks, camps, and other aspects of life.


Inclusion Ambassador Training Introductory Video

Who can invite people to the Inclusion Ambassador Training?

All Certified Inclusivity Assessors (anyone who successfully complete Inclusion U Online) have access to the Inclusion Ambassador Training and can invite as many people as they want to the training.

Once you complete Inclusion U Online and are a CIA, you will see a screen with the “Invite to Inclusion Ambassador Training” option. Using this Invite button, you can invite people to the training by entering a name and email address. Your invitees will get an invitation by email and will register from that email (see invite to left).

The Inclusion Ambassador Training is designed for a youthful audience, and is a perfect addition to your summer,part-time, or seasonal staff training, your Scout activities, your youth group projects, and more.

What is the curriculum in the 3-hour Inclusion Ambassador Training?

The Inclusion Ambassador Training includes 6 units:

  1. Unit 1: Introduction
  2. Unit 2: Ability Awareness
  3. Unit 3: Physical Inclusion
  4. Unit 4: Social Inclusion
  5. Unit 5: Measuring Inclusivity
  6. Unit 6: Action Plan

Here is a detailed curriculum map of the 3-hour training: Inclusion Ambassador Training Curriculum Map