About the Inclusive Recreation Resource Center


Our Mission

The mission of the Center is to promote and sustain participation by people of all abilities in inclusive recreation activities and resources. We help people play wherever they choose!

In order to accomplish this mission, the Inclusive Recreation Resource Center is dedicated to:

  • developing collaborative and ongoing relationships with self advocates with disabilities as well as local, state and national recreation agencies to initiate sustainable systems
  • training professionals, self-advocates, and others in inclusivity and how to assess it
  • educating and involving recreation and parks students in best practices in inclusive recreation, so future professionals know how to make recreation services and facilities welcoming to all
  • assessing recreation opportunities for inclusivity with rigorous tools and protocols, and cataloging the results in a user friendly, sustainabe online recreation database
  • providing technical assistance to recreation and park providers to help them move toward more inclusive models of recreation service delivery
  • carefully studying and documenting, through rigourous evaluation design, best practices in improving inclusive recreation for people of all abilities, then disseminating those results