DEC, State Parks, and Adirondack Park Agency Announce Virtual Public Forums on Inclusivity, Accessibility, and Sustainability in the Outdoors: Session 1

Mobility Devices on Public Lands: Is it a Wheelchair or Other Power-Driven Mobility Device?

Tuesday, May 10; Noon-1:30pm   

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that any mobility device that meets the definition of a wheelchair must be allowed everywhere that the public can go. This session will include an overview of the required factors for public entities to consider in evaluating which mobility devices meet the definition of a wheelchair and which are considered Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices.

 Presenter: Janet Zeller. Discussion facilitator: Jason Thurston, Chair of the Accessibility Advisory Committee; Outreach Coordinator at John Dillon Park in the Adirondacks.

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American Sign Language interpretation and closed captioning will be available at each session. For questions about additional assistance to accommodate participation, submit a request with your registration by April 27. For more information, email or call 518-402-9295. 

 Registration information for these public forums can also be found in the press release on the DEC website. 

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