Apps for Inclusion

The IRRC has created 3 useful apps to help facilitate inclusive recreation.

  • The Inclusion Toolkit
  • The IRRC Recreation Finder (Currently unavailable on Android Devices)
  • The CIA App


3 smart phones with 3 apps displayed

All three are available for FREE for iOS or Android.

Inclusion Toolkit

Have all the tools you need to be inclusive at your fingertips! The Inclusion Toolkit provides a way for you to categorize and save tips and links to resources to help you promote recreation inclusion for people of all abilities. Categories include: physical accessibility, adapted activities, adapted equipment, sensory and calming ideas, positive behavioral supports, policies & procedures, staff training, and more. You can also create your own categories. The IRRC has included some tips and tools to get you started as you add your own resources and build your Inclusion Toolkit. Use this handy app to keep all your favorite inclusion tips and tools organized and accessible right on your mobile device!

Download the app for iOS or Android

IRRC Recreation Finder

Currently Unavailable on Android Devices

An app that provides descriptive information about the inclusivity and accessibility of recreation areas in a searchable database. Find the recreation nearest you with the activities you want to do. Each entry in the comprehensive recreation database includes descriptive information about inclusivity and accessibility for people with disabilities. The comprehensive database contains hundreds of recreation areas with information collected by trained inclusivity assessors.


Download the app for iOS 



An app that allows Certified Inclusivity Assessors to complete inclusivity assessment forms offline onsite and on a mobile device, then submit them to the Inclusive Recreation Resource Center database later. If you are a Certified Inclusivity Assessor (CIA), then this app is for you.


Download the app for iOS or Android